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Upgrading Your Home’s Facade

The exterior of your home is what people see when they drive by, so it’s essential to maintain its beauty and extend the life of your paint. Painting your home’s exterior can not only make it look new but also keep it fresh and extend its life by protecting it from sun exposure. Looking to upgrade your home’s facade? You should know a few things before starting this project that will save you not only time but the cost of painting a house. Here are 3 exterior home painting tips that you should know.

Plan to Paint Around the Weather

Do you live in a dry desert area or a subtropical climate? Regardless of the region you live in, you should always pick a dry time of year for painting. Painting your home’s exterior can be tricky when it comes to weather. For best results, paint on days with low humidity and temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If a surprise rainstorm crops up, give yourself a buffer of a few days to complete the project.

Know the Environment

Consider the weather year-round when determining your paint choices, too. Both oil-based and alkyd paints are durable against climate factors like rain and saltwater. However, sunlight will degrade oil-based paint no matter your region’s climate. Latex is more durable in sun-drenched areas with a relatively dry climate. You should avoid latex paint with a high vinyl content in these areas, though. Acrylic resin is more durable when used as the binder for outdoor latex paints and will last longer outdoors.

Start From the Top to Avoid Streaks

One helpful way to avoid streaking is to start to apply coats of paint to your home by painting from the top and working your way down. This way, gravity will be on your side. Though drips will happen, you can always fix them as you go down each time. As you go, remember to work by overlapping sections to keep the paint wet and avoid dried film, which could buckle.

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